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 Job Openings + Applications

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Job Openings + Applications Empty
PostSubject: Job Openings + Applications   Job Openings + Applications Icon_minitimeSat Oct 20, 2007 8:31 pm


STATUS: CLOSED No Applications being accepted (ever)
Info: Admins have control over EVERYTHING within these forums
What They Do: Take care of Everything within these forums, including the layout (which i made, hehe, Wink)
Admin Have a Gold Crown Next to their Name

There Are only THREE admin. Limehh,Milkehh,L3gollas. Admins have access to the admin panel which can be very dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands, therefore we will NEVER be hiring more admin, so please don't ask. Forum Moderators can do everything the same except access the admin panel, so try for that instead. Wink

STATUS: CLOSED No Applications being accepted at this time
Info: Forum Moderators can Move, Lock, edit, delete, split or merge any posts/threads. They Can Also Ban Members (?). They DO NOT have access to the admin. Panel
They must also clean up the forums by fixing spelling mistakes etc.
They wear a blue crown (SOMETIMES!) A lot of the time people will choose to keep their sheilds instead.
What They Do: They Must Moderate the Forums, deleting rule-breaking content, punishing rule-breakers, informing people if they are breaking rules, warning people to keep on-topic, giving information to beginners or other users. They MUST inform me before they ban anyone, and I will do it MYSELF, unless it is an EMERGENCY! They Must send mails to our family, instructing them to get their members subscribed. etc.
-Golden Sheild (This isn't a requirement, but counts a lot)
-Must use these forums on a regular basis
NOTE: If You are a tribe leader, you will generally be given this status automatically.
-Must have knowledge of our rules and be very familiar with the ways in which these forums work

ChatBox Mods
STATUS: CLOSED No Applications being accepted at this time
Info: Chatbox Mods take control of the chatbox. They must moderate the chatbox and have the power to kick, ban, unban, clear in the chatbox.
YOU MUST send me a Pm (click the letter icon below my signature) whenever you ban someone, and include a copy of the conversation which they got banned for. misuse of power will result in strict punishment.
-Must use Chatbox (& forums) FREQUENTLY
-Friendly and conversation starters (your goal is to also encourage people to use the chatbox)
- Familiar with all the commands, (look in help for a list of them)

Advertisement Controllers
STATUS: CLOSED No Applications being accepted at this time
Info:They organize and promote the forum to our family, encouraging family tribe-members to register and use the forums + chatbox regularly. They can use creative advertisements, and well-written mails to achieve this.
-Good Speller
-Good organization Wink

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Job Openings + Applications
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